Saint-Francis of Assisi Parish is open again for Sunday masses. Please note that Thursday masses are still cancelled until further notice.



St. Francis of Assisi Parish was founded in 1956. The census conducted in 2001 counted 15,690 Roman Catholics in Saint-Lambert, corresponding to 76 percent of the population. St. Francis of Assisi is one of three Roman Catholic churches in Saint-Lambert: Église catholique de St-Lambert and Église catholique Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin serve Francophone Catholics, and St. Francis of Assisi Parish serves Anglophone Catholics.

Pastoral Team


Fr. Manus Bradley

Priest Collaborators

Fr. Gerard Lachapelle

Administrative Coordinator

Christine Gage

Pastoral Agents

Karen de Koninck
Christine Wright

Parish Secretary

Wendy Altona

Fabrique's Members


Fr. Manus Bradley


Francois Simard


Amanda Simard
Jean-Pierre Lepage
Julie Bélanger
Marianne Hinger
Ted Colavecchio

Saint John Paul II Pastoral Unit

St. Francis of Assisi Parish is part of the Saint John Paul II Pastoral Unit. This Pastoral Unit is made up of the eight english speaking parishes of the Diocese of St. Jean Longueuil.

Pastoral Unit Bishop

Bishop Claude Hamelin